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Active Agency is a fashion specialized company and a public relations agency. We focus on marketing and selling quality clothing brands in Finland. Active Agency was founded in 2013. Our showroom is located in an old industrial style building in Lauttasaari, close to Helsinki centrum. At Showroom we are happy to help retailers and press interested in our products. We look forward to having You as our customer!




SAXX Underwear® | Life Changing Men’s Underwear

Originality often times means being first and SAXX’s heritage of revolutionizing underwear goes back 10 years. In 2006, Trent Kitsch was on a fishing expedition and after spending hours in a cold, clammy ocean suit he knew there had to be a better way to protect his package from chafing. A former baseball player, he imagined a catcher’s mitt hammock design and turned it upside down in his mind. After the fishing trip, and with the hammock idea still percolating, he worked with a seamstress and designer — and himself as the fit model — to create a paneled fabric hammock that separated his balls from his legs. Fourteen prototypes later, the BallPark Pouch™ and SAXX Underwear were ready for action.

Today, our focus remains the same: to equip you with game-changing, next-level apparel that allows you to move freely, without restriction — apparel that feels like it’s barely there, that elevates your everyday experiences, that just works.


Pelle P – True Experience

The clothing company Pelle P is based on Pelle Petterson’s lifestyle and his accomplishments as a top-level sportsman. Cecilia grew up around sailboat racing and in the ski slopes with her dad. She studied at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, USA.

The inspiration and professional skills come from what we call True Experience, to make the most of your experience, that’s what Pelle P is all about. The collections consist of technical sailing gear, skiwear, and leisure garments. 

The brand Pelle P was founded in 2007 and is owned and operated by PPY Production with head office in Billdal outside Gothenburg. Cecilia Petterson is the CEO and Chief Designer.


EIVY – Unbored Onboard since 09

Eivy was created by snowboarder & fashion designer Anna Vister to challenge and expand the perception of how multiFUNctional Base Layers can be. From our fashion house in the mountain resort of Åre, Sweden, we design our multiFUNctional Base Layers and matching pieces to get you packing light and feeling right for your #unboredonboard lifestyle worldwide.



At KuSan we surf. We board. We ski. We love to travel chasing the seasons, but equally love the vibrancy of city life. In 2000 when traveling through Nepal, we fell in love with the country- its people, culture and stunning landscapes – but also the striking style of knitted clothing. Suddenly working with wool seemed the natural thing to do. It’s individual. It’s comfortable. It’s warm. So we thought we’d try something different with it and brought back a selection to the UK hoping to share with like-minded urban souls… We obviously got something right, because demand was so high for our designs, that we packed in our old jobs to pursue all things warm and woolly. And over the years our reputation has in turn quietly grown… from London’s skate parks to chic boutiques across Europe.




SuperYellow – Headwear from Scandinavia 

Superyellow is a Scandinavian headwear brand established in 2007. Our base camp is located in Finland which is known for its cold and snowy winters. That’s why we have such a passion for making functional headwear.

Superyellow comes from the country of pure and beautiful nature and the environment is highly respected in every action we take. Most of the beanies are Made in Finland and each beanie is produced with high attention to sustainability, quality and using the best materials such as merino wool. The biggest inspiration to us is our Scandinavian roots; Lapland, the colorful nature, changing seasons and unique wildlife. We think beanies are for everyone and that’s why our collection includes headwear for both adults and kids.



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